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Deploy Razzle on Plesk

First make sure your Plesk install supports Node.js

Go into the domain manager for your domain. Look on the icons below next to Hosting Settings there should be a green icon with Node.js.

If this is not the case it may be disabled for you or not installed. Ask your host to enable it or install it like so:

Under home click Add or Remove Components.

Then click Add/Remove Components - Under Web hosting set NodeJS support and Phusion Passenger server to install and click continue.

After you made sure your Plesk supports Node.js add razzle config.

// razzle.config.js
'use strict';
module.exports = {
options: {
forceRuntimeEnvVars: ['HOST', 'PORT']

Create handler.js in the app root

// handler.js
module.exports = require('./build/server.js');

Build the Razzle project and make a tar archive

yarn build
tar czvf site.tar.gz build package.json handler.js

Go into File Manager for your domain on Plesk.

Create a site directory in the Home directory upload the site.tar.gz here and extract it.

Go into the domain manager for your domain. Click the Node.js icon.

Set Document Root to /site/build/public, Application Root to /site and Application Startup File to handler.js.

Then click Enable Node.js followed by NPM Install at the top.

Go into the domain manager for your domain. Click Open in web.